I was called into Human Services, Advocacy, and Educational work twice in the past two decades of my work career. Before entering the field in 2009. I will clarify “today” regarding my bio below, “I pay it forward.”

My bio: I am an adult survivor/thriver of nine years of childhood incest; the incest caused me to run and hide from life via mind altering substances for twenty three years. The incest also developed my life long mental illness. As to date, I have been in recovery eleven years, clean and sober nine of those eleven. I am working on reclaiming my childhood one dog walk and cat purr at a time! I have learned to contain the negatives of incest and addiction that reside within my head. I believe freedom (and happiness) is possible when the decision to heal and overcome trauma is made. Today, I volunteer at the community level doing educational and advocacy work for mental illness. In Cumberland, Perry, and Dauphin Counties, PA. I work doing Peer Support with individuals involved in the Criminal Justice System.

I was approached in winter of 2010-2011 by professional colleagues and personal supports to write a book about the shit I’ve survived and dumber stuff I’ve tried. Specifically, how I’ve overcome my past. At first, I laughed then slowly comprehended they were serious… I was told to remain real, rough edges, profanity, and all… I stated “that’s me!” The writing projects quickly became healing conviction to “pay it forward” for a larger audience. In 2012, with my two mentors and several professional colleague’s “pushes”; I decided to convert thirty years of journal entries into several educational and advocacy based memoirs. Four separate projects have formed from my journals: Overcoming Mental Disabilities, Overcoming Addiction, Sexual Abuse (towards men), and Perceptions of Reality.