In response to a fellow mental health advocater, educator, writer, speaker: Gabe Howard out of Ohio… His original post on FaceBook: “Tell me again, what mentally ill people can’t do.” @ 

I can’t get either of my dogs to clean up their crap after taking a dump in the backyard. (Sarcastically) IMO: mental illness itself has no limits, yet a person does have limits. Such as: mental facility level (IQ), education level, communication skills, and physically abilities. (Seriously) My point: I am 44 years of age, I am not going to be the lead signer of a world wide popular metal band, nor a professional athlete, nor a baker, or candlestick maker. Reality (the list of serious factors I described) is often overlooked with people with SMI. Simple put: I can do what I can do with what I got because I am blessed/cursed with insight, mindfulness, and acceptance of my disabilities via my abilities.