I don’t really talk much (at this point) about becoming 100% disabled, under Social Security Administration’s (SSA) disability qualifications.  I sense this is about to shift, as I evolve my recovery, and self rehabilitation.

To the point: June 2008, I shifted from independence to disability.  For the next year and a half, I was hopeless and bought into never working paid work, again… This is another topic upon itself; I had clinician’s telling me I earned a permanent vacation/early retirement.  Absurd!  At age Thirty Eight?  Something in me wanted more and I ” pushed forward.”  Ignoring then eventually using these clinician’s words as fuel to rehabilitate myself.

Staying on topic of making the call: in 2011 I return to limited (at five hours a week) part time paid work.  This is important: my work is in behavioral health working with adults with serious mental illness; for some: trauma and, or addiction.  This work is a non brainer: the more I work on healing my childhood sex abuse, a transformation happens.  I choose to enter the profession of serving and helping others; you got it.  I enter the human services field being now part of the 30% of the fields people in it due to their own healing conviction to help others who’ve had similar experiences.

It’s 2014: I think and feel I am able and ready to return to full time work, yet lack the vehicle.  Full time work with my part time employer’s will never happen, due to my formal education being in other fields of work, and how the company is structured.  Earlier this year, I program SSA’s ticket to work into my cell phone’s sim card.  Today, June 14, 2014 I call the toll free number and get a pre-recorded message stating this program is closed at moment.  The hours are MON-FRI 0800-2000…  DUR!  It is the government, should have seen them being closed on the weekends!  It is Ok, I “made the call…”

My self rehabilitation is three years ahead of schedule, I am shooting for full time self employment in 2015.  Doing: Mental Illness and Trauma Liberation (Inc) as a writer, speaker, advocate, educator, and peer.  I have a loose business plan developed and written down, it will happen.