My journey to over come my complications has been brief, intense, and required serious action. Twelve years now into my journey I know beyond conviction, I’ve been called to help others. Regarding self rehabilitation thru one chapter of my life is: impaired mental illness and the ability for me to be self sufficient via paid work. In 2010: my life and recovery journey shifted and changed. Thru my writing; up until then my childhood dream of being a famous writer laid in my subconscious mind. No longer, the universe sent several messenger’s into my life while I was rebuilding, repairing, rebooting myself. These three people did not know each other; yet they all told me to share my story in written from for a larger audience than 1:1 peer support. Well, four years later and starting to write my second of five memoirs, I am excited about achieving my childhood dream. As per another shift: building a social media presence.  I know my first memoir on overcoming disabilities is a learning experience and will be the foundation for my self rehab goal; which is self employed writer, educator, advocator, speaker, peer specialist on Mental Illness and Trauma Liberation. I need to align myself with allies above and beyond my local Cumberland county Pa network.