It’s happening. My thirty year dream of published written work. Holy hell the topic is not what I expected as a teen… (I gave up this dream; continued to write via journaling in my twenties-forties) Hindsight: as a teen, I was not able to focus, follow through, and finish anything I started… Well, I’ve accepted all my complications, worked on overcoming a lot of shit. While I’ve tried even dumber stuff, thus I’ve survived, transitioning into happiness. Today, I pay it forward, having advanced my recovery, and needing to help others with there’s. The message of being a servant has evolved for me. It’s above and beyond 1:1 interactions through peer support on living and overcoming, now managing lifelong mental illness, trauma, and chronic pain. I desire to achieve this life long published writer dream while attempting to reach a larger audience regarding mental illness and trauma liberation. It’s been five years of: no more struggle, no more a battle, etc living with mental illness and trauma… Today, 10+ years into recovery: it’s all managing. 300 days a year, I’m happy, well content to be alive. You do the math; major turn around from following through on suicidal ideation in my teens-thirties. I’ve worked through all toxicity of self medicating and childhood incest. As of June 2014, My one goal is to: touch, inspire, empower as many people as I can through my lived experience. While returning to full time self employment. I’ve left negative, self centered, jealous individuals who were at one point in time, part of my support system permanently behind. That’s simple: we are on different paths and I am no longer a 12 stepper. AA and NA were a great recovery foundation; reality is: these supports groups only touched on one of four parts of my complications. Which are: addiction (self medicating), sexual dysfunction, trauma, and mental illness. Additionally: I’ve learned some people need to stay as a professional acquaintance, not a friend.

Onto memoir one of five: Surviving (and) Surpassing (my) Disabilities, IE: (SSD), a pon to SSA disability program of SSDI. It’s in a professional journalist/writers hands now, Valerie Kalfrin, a high school class mate. I’ve done it, I converted thirty years of journal entries, and doing so has lite the self employed fire within! Up until 2014, I kept this dream to myself, select other’s and the universe. Not anymore, it’s time to learn and use social media marketing. My goal is to teach wellness tools and stress management tools via a “DBT” program, in the state of PA. Over the next five years, expansion into each of Pa’s bordering states. I prefer live, in person teaching in 1:1 and groups. Social media marketing is another aspect along with grant writing I desire to learn to build a self employed business. Via: writing, speaking, education, and advocacy work.

My point is this: I survived nine years of childhood incest, twenty three years of addiction, several suicide attempts, fake friends, wayward women, a few Mr(s). a stroke/break-down, and bankruptcy. I’m still here, coming at you live with: empowerment, patience, hope, analogies, profanity, farts, belches, hits and misses… Surely, you can get off the fence, turn your life into the one you dreamed of, or seeing/feeling others live. Via a recovery mindset; Mental Health & Trauma Liberation, coming at live!