Boba, I miss you buddy; you’ll forever live in my heart and on my arm! Will be scheduling with Ronald Carr to finish my Philly leg wrap, and to start designing my pet tribute arm band.THAT”S INK BTW!

FB post dated: Its been a roller coaster ride these last 15 years together. Daddy will miss you; you’ll find Wacey & Keria waiting for you, Boba… Love

FB post dated July 26: hours before having Boba euthanized.  Intuitively, I knew I was building a stair chase Boba would never use.  He had not eaten (on his own) in two days, and had stopped drinking water Friday the 25th.  It’s to early now to know whether Boba will survive his illness at his age. I’m hopeful; building him a staircase so he can bird watch.

FB post dated July 24Feeling grateful and happy (for a while!) Boba has liver challenges, treatable via meds. — at Mechanicsburg Veterinary Clinic