V K: you’re giving me heartburn and gas! I’m learning you’re not the editor Trauma Liberated Inc. will be moving forward with.  It’s me, I know, I’m too complicated for this literal based person.  So complicated that I can not even comprehend our communications.

About mindfulness: seriously: I’m being pushed forward, doing a form of writing (my first memoir, on surpassing disabilities) I’ve never done in my life. Let all the universal help keep blessing me! I’m truly grateful for being alive today; that said, I’m a human with goals, and I’m frustrated and over zealous being a start up business owner. My supporters: Please understand, I’m not ignoring you on purpose, I need to finish what’s been started is all. Overcoming while managing: ‪#‎ADHD‬ ‪#‎PTSD ‬‪#‎ChronicPain‬, one week at a time.

We need dreams, goals…  I need to break mine down into simply achievable ways.