What a bitch!

Let’s review our complications: ADHD, ASD, PTSD, Tendinitis, all can be overwhelming; yet twelve years into this “recovery lifestyle” it’s all manageable

Game plan: I’ve learned my “day gig” is causing my side effects with my vision and the migraines also… Sucks to try something and learn I can’t do it… And, while it sucks, it’s also ok.  I’m grateful of the position, I’ve learned so much about the behavioral health system these last four years. I will be leaving the position for self employment this year.  I’ve learned I can’t keep up mentally with corporate America.  I’ve tried twice to evolve my career when the fits hit the shan, and I couldn’t do either.  Way off topic, I know!  I can however, write, promote, speak at my pace.

For now – 2015 will be better!